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I always had this "under construction" articles page on my website for a long time but never realized that this could be one of the best places to share my ideas, thoughts and sometimes wishes too. With powerful tool such as internet, I realize I have a great way to connect with the people of similar interests that of mine and most of the times learn from the superior minds of people out there in the world who have wealth of knowledge with them. I got inspired by one of my friends to 'write out loud' in my website. I realized that through these articles is the sharing of my thoughts not only with the visitors of my site but with myself too. May be through this articles I would contemplate on some of the most fundamental aspects of music in specific and life in general.

Comments?, Feedback?, Suggestions? Contributions?

Contact : samvadiniartiste@yahoo.com


"Samvadini Janak"  :   Article on Pandit Manohar Chimote in Marathi.


"Pratham Sur Sadhe"  :   Article on Stages of Musical Journey


"Saadho Aisa Hi Guru Bhaave "  :   Article on Concept of Guru


Indian Classical Music  :   Artistic Structure or Structured Art ?